About us

Worags is all about easing the experience of people. People do not always like to not being able to complete a task on the go or having to be at home to complete a task. We understood that and that is when we decided that we had to offer something unique. Something that makes your experiences with creating drinks a lot easier. Nobody always wants to stare at the sunlight from their home and also creating drinks at the same time. They would prefer to be at the park with their friends. To also talk and enjoy the day there. Meanwhile also creating shakes for themselves.

That is why we have three goals:

1. Happy lifestyle for people.

People should be able to live a happy life with family and friends. Instead of having to constantly make food or do dishes at home.

2. A healthy lifestyle.

We want you to have a healthy life. Instead of constantly drinking sugary juices. You can just make the juices without any sugar. Just totally pure and 100% healthy. We believe that this helps you avoid gaining too much weight and have other health problems.

3. Active lifestyle.

An active lifestyle to us means a life that you enjoy. We want to make sure that you no longer are constantly stuck with always having to make food or juices at home. It is better to do it outside on a sunny day.