How long do deliveries take?

Most of our orders arrive in 35 days or less. We want to make sure that orders get to you on time. Because we wouldn't want to leave a disappointing feeling upon customers. 

Do we ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally and to most countries on the globe. You wouldn't have to worry about not being able to receive your product.

How do returns & refunds work?

We currently offer customers the ability to receive a refund in 35 days. Only for reasons such as: 

1. Not satisfied with the product.

2. The product is damaged or broken.

But we would like to receive evidence in the form of pictures. To validate our request for a refund. You can receive the same product again or just get your money back.


What are our payment methods?                                 

We currently use Paypal and credit & debit cards for payments. We also do have Google Pay as another payment option. This option makes checking out a lot easier and faster!

How can you view your payment history?

If you checkout with Paypal. You should be able to see your payment history on the activity page on Paypal. 

Credit card and debit card purchases will have their history saved in their bank account. Most of the time it will be in your bank application. 

We will also be able to see if you have purchased something by checking our e-mail and orders. But we would like you to provide the most accurate information at checkout. 


Is my bank information safe?

All your bank information will never be used in any way by Worags. We use SSL encryption on our site. Which makes sure that all credit card purchases are secured. You should be able to see a lock on the top left side of our website.

Does my personal information get used?  

Worags does not use any personal information that is given. Also the ones on the orders. Order information may be used for necessary scenarios. Such as having to call the customer for more information about the order.


                                                                            -Brand & product-

What is the main goal of Worags?

The main goal of Worags is to make life easier and much happier for everybody. In the form of bringing new products in the line that make the experience so much better. 

Why does Worags believe in this goal?

We believe in this goal because we think that nobody likes to make juices at home. While knowing that their friends are having fun outside. Why not do it outside with your friends? 

How does the product work?

The product works by putting fruit inside the juicer. Then you should press the on/off button. For the juicer to start working. The end outcome should be a smoothie!

Does the product make life easier?

The product makes life easier in the form of not having to be indoors to make juices. It makes somebody able to do it outside. It is portable so that means that it can also be used while not plugged into a wall outlet. 


You can always contact us by e-mail. Our e-mail is info.worags@gmail.com.