USB Portable Blender for Juices

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Imagine that your friends ask you to come to the park. But you are unfortunately not able to. Because you still have to make juices for your friends at home. You know that you are missing out on a lot of fun time that your friends have. Eventually, you do get the juices ready but that took about 15 minutes. Then you also have to spend 15 minutes going to the park where your friends are. Because of missing out on so much time, you become sad. We know how this feeling can be. It isn't a nice feeling. So that is why our portable blender for juices can help you get faster to your friends. 


  • Our portable blender can be brought anywhere you want. 
  • Make juices on your way to your friends, not at home.
  • Portable is easier because you don't have to stay at a certain place. You can move freely throughout the day.
  • Portable also leads to a better life. Because you will have more options and time to spend time with your friends and actually enjoy the day. It is not fun to stay on a desk all day. Especially if the day is a sunny day.
  • Put the fruit in and click on the on/off button to get started!
  • The charger will be included.
  • No sugary juices - 100% healthy!



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This is actually a blender that just makes juices like any other blender. But something stands out of this blender. It is the portable option of it. I can actually just buy fruit at a store and blend that on the go. When I want to have juice I can have juice whenever I want. That was pretty nice. In my opinion the product is a must buy.

Had no problems (only minor downsides)

Hello I am just writing a review for everybody. The product looked great. The size of it was great. But sometimes it had left pieces of fruit. But that problem wasn't that big. Overall it is a product worth buying. I will give 4 stars!


If you are looking for something small and useful this fulfills your need I make a chocolate smoothie in the evening, it works fine =) so cheap and beautiful